Yäan Healing Sanctuary (Tulum)

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Yäan Healing Sanctuary
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  • 💆‍♀️ Masajes de alta calidad: Los visitantes coinciden en que los masajes ofrecidos en Yäan Healing Sanctuary son excepcionales y valen la pena. Recomiendan especialmente el masaje Azteca, el masaje de tejido profundo maya y el masaje energético maya.
  • 🌿 Hermosas instalaciones: El santuario cuenta con un diseño absolutamente hermoso y mágico. Los jardines son impresionantes y crean un ambiente tranquilo y relajante para los visitantes. Además, ofrecen instalaciones como sauna, sala de vapor y piscinas de agua caliente para relajarse antes o después de los tratamientos.
  • 💧 Circuito de agua curativa: El circuito de agua curativa es una experiencia única que los visitantes recomiendan probar. Consiste en una serie de piscinas y baños herbales que ayudan a relajar y sanar el cuerpo.
  • 🌅 Ceremonias temazcal: Yäan Healing Sanctuary ofrece la experiencia tradicional de temazcal. Los visitantes destacan la belleza del lugar y el conocimiento y sinceridad del personal que realiza estas ceremonias.
  • 💰 Precios altos: Algunos visitantes consideran que los precios de los servicios son elevados en comparación con otros spas. Sin embargo, muchos afirman que la experiencia vale la pena y comentan que ofrecen descuentos y promociones especiales en determinadas fechas.

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Yäan Healing Sanctuary, ubicado en Tulum, es un lugar mágico que ofrece una experiencia inolvidable. Con excelentes instalaciones y clases de yoga diarias, este spa es considerado el mejor de la zona. La atención recibida por el personal, como Cristel en la recepción, es excelente, lo que hace que la experiencia sea aún más placentera. Desde la arquitectura espectacular hasta los detalles impactantes, como la sauna con una pared de cristal que da al precioso jardín, cada elemento del lugar te sumerge en un ambiente único y relajante. Además, los masajes, como el de chakras, son profundamente reparadores y realizados por manos expertas. Este lugar es una visita obligada para aquellos que buscan rejuvenecer y encontrar paz interior.

Yäan Healing Sanctuary es uno de los mejores spas que se pueden encontrar en Tulum. Desde el momento en que llegas, te sumerges en un espacio maravilloso y lleno de energía positiva. Las instalaciones son impecables y el diseño arquitectónico es simplemente espectacular. Además, la atención al detalle y la amabilidad del personal hacen que cada visita sea inolvidable. Si buscas una experiencia única, te recomiendo probar el exfoliante de mamey y solicitar a Arlette, una terapeuta excepcional. Sin duda, este lugar ofrece una experiencia de spa que no encontrarás en ningún otro lugar de la zona.

Si estás buscando el mejor spa en Tulum, no busques más que Yäan Healing Sanctuary. Sus superinstalaciones y su decoración impresionante te dejarán sin palabras desde el momento en que llegues. Además de la limpieza y la atención inmejorable por parte del personal, este spa cuenta con especialistas de primera, como Guadalupe, que ofrecen masajes de alta calidad. Aunque los precios puedan considerarse altos, la experiencia en Yäan Healing Sanctuary realmente vale la pena. Sumérgete en este maravilloso lugar y disfruta de un masaje excepcional que te dejará renovado y rejuvenecido. No dudes en visitar este increíble spa en Tulum.

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Krystal Ariel

Heaven on earth. What a wonderful experience. The design is absolutely gorgeous, a dream! Walking through the property is magical and the massage was delicious. Just what I needed.…

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Sas Ansari

A great space to chill and regain you centre (and a great massage). Had the garden of yäan package. Well worth the money. The herbal bath was bliss.

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Vanessa Wyckoff

Truly an experience. Going through the healing water circuit in one of the most beautiful spa experiences I’ve ever had was a dream. My mom had never had a spa experience so I wanted her first one to be special. Yäan exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more grateful! It’s something you have to experience for sure.

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Sierra S

I’ve been to Yaan three times. The first two were great experiences - welcoming, nice water circuit, and a hot tea and snack after my service. Today I was very disappointed. In the steam room they have two vents producing steam. You have to…

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Allan C.

What a unique must try experience- the traditional temazcal. They also offer your typical other set of services too. The location is well equipped, super friendly staff, and the experience is one of a kind. Come prepared in swim wear, and…

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Mimi Hsu

Had a really great experience here. As part of every package, you can use their healing pools to relax and mentally unwind before your treatment. They had availability rather quickly even though I booked last minute so I appreciated that.…

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I booked for the December 26, 2023 full moon Tezmascal ceremony, but had to cancel. I followed their instructions and canceled well within the before 24 hours as it’s obviously well more than. They initially texted back and said to send my…

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Samantha Azar

Not sure how anybody could give this place less than 5 stars. I’ve been to spas all over the world and this one was my very favorite. We did the couples devine package and I had the best massage I’ve ever had. The ambiance & amenities are incredible!

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Hajar AlKuwaiti

If you are looking for a place to relax and time to unwind... this is the right place. It was such a great experience. We had a really good time using the facilities…

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Hensi Jacobson

This place is a must for me. Every time we come to Tulum I get an energetic massage here because its always exceptional! You get an hour extra to go into the sauna, steam room, heated pool and cold…

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Tyler Martin

Absolutely stunning grounds and the yoga instructor was great. Way too much intentional smoke though. Little incense fires everywhere--I would have preferred no smoke with my yoga class!

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Kenya Furaha

Yaan has always been a favorite of mine. Each visit I experience the rebalance of my energy and emotions. The spa amenities are always very clean and the services and aromatherapy are top quality. Much gratitude.

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Spencer Scobie

Best massage of my life. Worth every penny

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Leslie Maltz

The spa itself is beautiful. The treatment was "okay". I got the after sun body treatment and I feel like I paid a lot to just have someone spread lotions all over my body. The massage was less than a massage and more like an application of…

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Fantastic Video Channel

My wife and i just walked in and were able to get a massage scheduled within an hour. In this hour we were able to use the sauna and different pools. A bit on the expensive side but in the end it was worth it. The masseuse did an excelent job really professionals worth the 5 stars grt. Toshana and Jayashri

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Zoe Wood

Highly recommend the temazcal (full moon group ceremony), it was one of the highlights of our trip. The setting is beautiful and those working there very knowledgeable and sincere.

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Noa Bricklin

I want to preface this review by noting that I read through many, many others before booking our Couples Divine package with an added lifting facial and almost didn’t based on some of the other reviews. I can’t speak to their experiences,…

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Shannon Rooney

First, thank you to their team for being so communicative and flexible as I made my plans. They went back and forth with my questions on WhatsApp all week before I arrived. The grounds are tranquil and stunning! I did the Sobada Mayan…

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Jan K

This place is heaven. The team are so lovely and full of good energy. Had one of the best massages and the spa itself is stunning. Great team looking after you on arrival in the spa, amazing scents, copal burning through the gardens and some great herbs and oil used in the steam room. Super relaxing place. :)

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Hawk Miller

My girlfriend and I came here on a whim after our other massage plans for the day had fallen through. We walked in right when they opened and luckily they were able to book us immediately. My girlfriend had the basic massage and I had the…

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Raquel Jesi Camanho

The spa has really bad policies for pregnant women. They only let pregnant woman have one tipe of massage, the prenatal, it doesn’t matter how many weeks you are in. And they don’t let you do the circuite of water either. These policies…

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Barak Brakke

After reading reviews the night before my girlfriend and I's couple massage, we were extremely skeptical because we had already prepaid $700 for the couples massage. We were so happy we stuck with it because we both walked out saying it was…

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Kateryna Zabara

Very poor service and customer support, communicating like they do not care at all. I asked to cancel the Temazscal procedure for me because I had a health conditions and was barely walking. They did not show any kind of support, kind words…

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Alexa Scaltrito

Update: July 2022I recently went to Yaan to celebrate my Birthday. This was my second time there…

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Without exaggeration, this was the best massage of my life!! I got the Aztec treatment with aromatherapy and healing stones included and the masseuse (Caro) dialed into my pain points right away - so intuitive and masterful. The property is…

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Kate Taylor

This place is pricey but both my husband and I have come here twice and had the best massages of our life, not joking. So I have to recommend. Plus the facilities that you get to use before your treatment are great- steam room, sauna, pools…

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Johana C

The place looks amazing which is why I booked a spa day and PREPAID in advance only to show up for my spa day, the day I was scheduled to leave Tulum. And no massage therapist was available for my appointment. They didn’t really apologize…

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Anna Hoffmann Kierkegaard

Very beautiful place however with mediocre massage, perhaps especially assigned to women. After a disappointing massage I have been met with an even more disappointing costumer service. I would go somewhere else.

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Angela Leong

I’ll start by saying it was the more blissful and reenergizing 3 hours of my life. I got the mayan energy healing + mayan deep tissue massage. I think I could have done with just the mayan deep tissue massage tho cuz I realized upon reading…

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Laura Ozturk

We recently came to Yaan a second time for services and my engagement ring and my wedding band were stolen from my locker. Do not take your valuables on the property. For the amount they charge for services you would think there would be some sort of security. So much for a place of healing and relaxation.

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Preguntas frecuentes sobre Yäan Healing Sanctuary

¿Qué servicios ofrece Yäan Healing Sanctuary?
Yäan Healing Sanctuary ofrece una variedad de servicios para el bienestar y la relajación. Entre los servicios que ofrecemos se encuentran masajes, circuito de aguas, temazcal tradicional, ceremonias grupales y tratamientos naturales para el cuerpo y la mente. Nuestro objetivo es brindar una experiencia holística y rejuvenecedora.
¿Cuáles son las instalaciones disponibles en Yäan Healing Sanctuary?
En Yäan Healing Sanctuary, contamos con instalaciones de alta calidad para garantizar una experiencia única. Nuestras instalaciones incluyen un hermoso jardín, circuito de aguas termales, sauna, baño de vapor, piscinas curativas y áreas de descanso. Todo diseñado para ofrecer un ambiente relajante y tranquilo.
¿Qué es el temazcal tradicional y cómo puedo participar?
El temazcal tradicional es una antigua ceremonia de purificación y sanación utilizada por las culturas indígenas de Mesoamérica. En Yäan Healing Sanctuary, ofrecemos ceremonias grupales de temazcal en fechas específicas, como la luna llena. Para participar, puedes reservar tu lugar con anticipación o consultar nuestro calendario de eventos.
¿Qué tratamientos naturales para el cuerpo y la mente ofrecen en Yäan Healing Sanctuary?
En Yäan Healing Sanctuary, brindamos tratamientos naturales para el cuerpo y la mente que te ayudarán a restaurar el equilibrio y la armonía. Algunos de nuestros tratamientos incluyen masajes relajantes, terapia con aromaterapia, sanación energética y masajes profundos. Nuestros terapeutas altamente capacitados se asegurarán de proporcionarte una experiencia personalizada y de calidad.
¿Cuáles son los beneficios de visitar Yäan Healing Sanctuary?
Visitar Yäan Healing Sanctuary te brindará numerosos beneficios para tu bienestar y relajación. Algunos de los beneficios incluyen reducción del estrés, alivio del dolor, aumento de la energía, mejora de la circulación sanguínea, equilibrio emocional y rejuvenecimiento. Nuestros servicios están diseñados para promover el bienestar físico, mental y espiritual.
¿Cómo puedo reservar una cita en Yäan Healing Sanctuary?
Para reservar una cita en Yäan Healing Sanctuary, puedes comunicarte con nuestro equipo a través de nuestro sitio web, correo electrónico o teléfono. Te recomendamos reservar con anticipación para garantizar la disponibilidad. Estaremos encantados de ayudarte a crear una experiencia inolvidable.
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